Please check back in the New Year for our Easter Fundraising opportunities! 

TERRA grows over 60,000 Poinsettias each year. We pride ourselves on superior quality plants that simply cannot be found elsewhere. A plant sure to brighten any room during the Holiday season can become a great fundraising venture for your group.

TERRA’s great poinsettia Fundraising is an established program that has brought great success to several causes. From schools to churches, sports teams and clubs, all have brought great gains to their cause.


Products Available:

There are 4 sizes of Poinsettias available: Christmas Cheer (4”), Winter Wonderland (6”), Santa’s Table Top (8” three colour Tri Pan), and Holiday Blast (8”), all in red, white, or pink. All of the plants come with a decorative pot cover. We also offer 1 festive arrangement, 2 outdoor evergreen arrangements, a wreath, and a TERRA Gift Card. Poinsettias come directly from our greenhouses and are of the highest quality.

Plant Delivery:

Delivery can be scheduled for your orders. Please book your delivery date and order with us at least 2 weeks in advance. This will allow us to get you the best products and ensure that you get the colours that you have requested. The most popular dates for Delivery are the last week of November and first week of December. Please contact the fundraising representative at your preferred TERRA location with any inquiries as to delivery charge, or available dates.

Once you receive your plants get them to the customers as quickly as possible. They should be taken from their packaging within 12 hours. This is a great time to thank your customer. Inform them of the success your fundraising efforts have generated for your cause. Ensure that you give them a Poinsettia care sheet, to help with their success.