Growing Food At Home (In Any Space!)

The planting season is well underway. Many first-time gardeners are trying out growing fruits and vegetables this season, and for good reason! Growing food at home is an adventure, and a fun way to learn about gardening, healthy eating, and cooking. It’s possible to grow some food of your own, whether you have a backyard with a veggie plot, a small patio, or a tiny balcony space. Here are a few of the ways we’re growing fresh produce in ALL spaces!

Growing In Containers

It’s a common misconception that you need abundant space to try growing vegetables. We can’t all be backyard farmers, so it’s a wonderful surprise to discover that many foods can be grown in containers! Most herbs, leafy greens, peppers, tomatoes, and even some root vegetables and climbing vines can happily thrive in the right pots.

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The main concern in choosing an ideal plant-and-pot combination is the amount of soil needed. Big plants like tomatoes and peppers need ample root space and lots of water and food to grow, bloom, and bear fruit. In contrast, a small pot or window box is all that’s required for most herbs or fresh salad mixes. Start simply by trying one or two foods that you love, and build confidence by learning as you grow! Any container with a hole for drainage can become a garden in any space that gets 4 or more hours of sun each day.

As plants in containers mature and grow, their care needs increase. It’s important to know that in summer months, veggies grown in pots will need water every day, and regular fertilization. Unlike growing in the ground, the only nutrients available to the plant are those that you provide. Choose a plant food that is formulated for fruits and vegetables, and use it according to the package directions. Some of our favourite organic options include PRO-MIX Organic Based Liquid Fertilizer for Tomatoes, Vegetables & FruitsNature’s Care Organic Vegetable, Fruit & Flower Food or Acti-Sol Tomatoes & Vegetables Organic Fertilizer.


Raised Bed Planters

A relatively new option onmedium vegetable raised garden bed natural the market, raised bed planters offer the advantages of raised garden beds and the flexibility of a planter. The Veg Trug series of planters come in several sizes and styles. With a deep V-shaped trough for planting, they allow enough space for a full veggie garden in a compact space!

Raised beds offer several advantages over in-ground gardens. Their higher position make them more accessible. This makes planting, weeding, watering and harvesting all much easier than bending and crouching. The ability to position them anywhere also means they can be close to the house for quick picking at meal times.

Watch our video about these unique planters here.

No matter where or how you grow, it’s fun and rewarding to learn more about food production. Enjoy the delicious process!



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