6″ Terracotta Pots 12 pack

Classic, natural clay pots are a simple way to display your favourite plants, both indoors and out. These pots have holes for adequate drainage, and natural clay is a breathable material, which helps to promote healthy root growth. Use outdoors in warm months, or indoors year round.

Keep these versatile and useful 6″ pots on hand with our economical 12 pack!

Why would you need a 6″ terracotta pots 12 pack? How about…

  • displaying an herb garden or houseplant collection
  • creative kids’ crafts for home or classroom
  • DIY event or wedding decor
  • easy homemade gifting
  • re-potting all houseplants and potted flowers!


Whether you already have a reason, or will use a great deal to invent a reason, clay pots are handy to have for any plant lover. Choose from classic antique terracotta or modern basalt colours.

12 6″ clay pots come as a set wrapped in plastic. Saucers sold separately. Available in stores and online while supplies last.


Using clay pots indoors? Our terracotta saucers (sold separately) coordinate perfectly with our pots.