Beetle B Gon Max Beetle Killer

Effectively Kills Beetles – can be used as a curative treatment as well as a preventative 

• ACTIVE INGREDIENT: Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. galleriaestrain SDS-502 –8.5×109CFU/g.

• Controls beetles eating foliage or attacking roots of ornamental plants.

• Specific pests include: Japanese beetle, Asiatic garden beetle, Oriental beetle, Rose chafer, European chafer, Green June beetle, Northern masked chafer, May or June beetles, Oriental beetle and Southern masked chafer.

• Labeled for application to trees, shrubs, edible fruits and vegetables. • Treated vegetables, fruits and herbs may be eaten the same day as the application.

• Shelf-stable, water dispersible powder (WDP).

• Can be applied using applied with a trigger, hand-held, or backpack sprayer. 

150 g, makes 5L of finished product.