Daffodil – Mount Hood 5 bulbs/pkg

Trumpet daffodils are the epitomy of spring blooming bulbs dating all the way to Victorian times.  Large cupped blooms on tall sturdy stems make them perfect for cut flower bouquets.  Long blooming, daffodils are deer and squirrel resistant.  5 bulbs/pkg

Fall Planting For Spring Colour

Plant bulbs before the ground freezes. Pick a well-drained, rich, organic flower bed to plant into. Plant the pointed end of the bulb up ( depth and spacing listed on package ) Lightly cover with soil and water thoroughly.

Bulbs will come back year after year with the right care. In the Spring after the flower has finished blooming, remove the flower stalk to allow the plant to store energy for the next season. Let the leaves die back naturally. When the leaves are yellow you can remove them to make way for other plants in your garden.


Flower Season

mid-late spring

Light Exposure

sun/part sun

Mature Size

14" high

Pet Friendly

deer resistant