Dischidia pectinoides (Ant Plant)

These unusual plants are also called “ant plants” because of a unique, symbiotic relationship with ants! Dischidia “ant plants” are a fascinating species with a host of interesting features. Similar to a carnivorous plants, they attract ants, but only “eat” the dead ones.  Ants live inside the strange balloon-like organs produced by the plant, bringing in nutrients and fending off predatory insects. In return, the plant provides a secure home.

This is a fun and unique plant to grow in your home (without the ants). Dischidia pectinoides grow easily and produce tiny red flowers and pouch-like leaves. These plants prefer indirect or dappled light, and are best planted in loose, free-draining medium like coco husks or orchid bark. Maintain humidity by misting regularly, or using a humidifier.

Sold as a starter plant in a 3.5″ clear plastic pot.


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