FALL LAWN Care Guide

FALL Lawn Care Guide

A thicker, healthier lawn in spring begins in September! Now is the perfect time to give your turf the attention it needs. With a few simple steps, you can enjoy a better, greener lawn in as little as 2 weeks. Here are all of our most recommended lawn products, and how to use them this Fall.


Tackle trouble spots

Damage from grubs? Spots left by dogs?

Remove dead or damaged spots, treat insect problems, and patch repair holes.

Our favourite products:

Scotts Grub B Gon Max

EZ Seed Dog Spot Repair


Get ready to rake

Rake up matted areas to remove dead grass and thatch. Expose as much soil surface as possible to prepare for seeding.

Our favourite products:

Lawn Rake

TERRA Yard Waste Bags


Seed for fresh growth

Apply a layer of lawn soil and a quality seed that’s best for your growing conditions. Fresh seed creates a thicker lawn!

Our favourite products:

Scotts Thick + Quick Lawn Seed

TERRA Lawn Soil


Water for best results

Keep seeds moist for 7-10 days to make sure they germinate.

Our favourite products:

Gardena Compact Oscillating Sprinkler

ColourWave Watering Nozzle


Feeding makes roots stronger

Fall Lawn Food is formulated to deepen roots and strengthen the lawn, making it more resilient.

Our favourite products:

Scotts Turf Builder Fall Lawn Food

Scotts Whirl Hand Spreader


Mow and mulch

Keep the mower set to the highest height, and leave the leaves! Mulching fallen leaves on the lawn provides healthy organic matter.


Watch our 6 Steps to a Better Lawn video here:



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