Gladiolus Jester – 8/pkg

Gladiolus Jester is a showy variety with large, ruffly flowers in cheerful yellow with splashes of red. 3-4′ tall.

Gladioli are fabulously showy, with dramatic spikes of colourful blooms. These plants are related to irises, and would be perennial if our winters were milder. In chilly Ontario, their disc-like corms get planted after last frost in the spring. Gladiolus corms need to be lifted and stored in the winter, like Dahlia tubers. Glads bloom in a riot of colour in summer, and are available in a huge range of colours. Flowers can be huge and frilly, or small and delicate, depending on the variety, and they vary in height from 2 to 5 feet tall. Have you been tempted by large bouquets of gladiolus at the farmer’s market? Now you can grow your own and discover the joy of fresh flowers from your own garden!


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Flower Season


Light Exposure


Mature Size

32-36" tall

Pollinator Friendly