Hydrangea Endless Summer Blushing Bride 5gal

Endless Summer® collection: the world’s first hydrangea bred to bloom all season long, year after year. There’s no better choice for those with an appreciation for fine outdoor living than Endless Summer® Hydrangeas!

Just as the name suggests, Blushing Bride has pure white semi-double florets, which mature to blush pink. Starting in late spring, Blushing Bride graces the garden with big round balls of soft blooms, providing an elegant touch of color in the garden all the way into fall. Long a favorite of European gardeners, Blushing Bride can serve as a focal point or can be used in the garden to separate louder, harsher colors providing harmony and ease. The special joy of Blushing Bride is its adaptability both in your landscape and for cut hydrangea arrangements. With its gorgeous pure white hydrangea color, it is also a favorite for wedding bouquets, arrangements and hydrangea centerpieces.


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Flower Season

June to frost

Mature Size

3-6' tall & wide

Light Exposure

morning sun