Proven Winners Hydrangea Let’s Dance ‘iArriba!’ 2gal

The Let’s Dance Series of Hydrangeas from Proven Winners is an easy-to-grow, no prune, and hardy collection.

Don’t blink! This cute little shrub will grow to maturity and fill out within a couple seasons. Let’s Dance ‘¡Arriba!’ is one of the most prolifically flowering, fastest-growing reblooming hydrangeas we’ve seen! Its flower color is dependent on the soil pH, but no matter what type of soil you have, you can depend on brilliant color.

Top reasons to grow Let’s Dance ¡Arriba! hydrangea:

– Large, dense flowers have strong color in any type of soil.

– Blooms look gorgeous well into fall, aging to soft mauve!

– Fills in and grows to maturity quite quickly.


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