Jobe’s Fertilizer Spikes Bonus Pack 25+25 13-4-5

Keeping your houseplants healthy and fertilized is easier than ever with Jobe’s® Houseplant Food Spikes. These spikes provide a continuous supply of important nutrients right at the roots, where plants need it most. The pre-measured, specially formulated spikes are simply inserted into the soil around your plant. Unlike liquids or granular, Jobe’s Houseplant Spikes eliminate mess, hazards and smells – and can’t wash through when you water.

  • Easy to use formula for beautiful houseplants, no mixing or measuring, no wasteful runoff, no mess, hazards or smells.
  • Contain an improved greenhouse tested formula that provides quick-greening and long lasting nutrients.
  • Just push each spike into the soil around the plant, halfway between the plant stem and the edge of the pot, until the spikes is just below the surface; water after inserting spikes.
  • Nutrients are gradually released to the plant roots, safely and continuously, every day.