Kitla Blue Urban Tropical Collection (med)

Our Urban Tropicals Collection combines the best of home decor & houseplants. Choose your look, choose your plant, and let us do the planting for you! Each plant is expertly potted into the designer pottery of your choice, making it easier than ever to include plants in your indoor spaces.

The Kitla Blue Collection combines modern trend with earthy appeal. This patterned, textured pot features two-tone powder blue and smoky black, with small ‘legs’ to elevate your plant above surfaces. An optional rubber plug (included) can be removed for drainage when watering, or for use outdoors. The Medium size (with diameter of 6-7″) is perfect for display in large windowsills, on side or dining tables, or on shelving.

Choose from a selection of our favourite easy-care tropicals, including:

Anthurium : Glossy foliage and long-lasting blooms. Ideal for beginners, preferring bright, indirect light and infrequent watering.

Parlour Palm : A miniature palm that’s big on benefits! Easy to grow, excellent at air purification, and one of our favourite Pet-Friendly Plants.

Snake Plant : The ultimate beginner houseplant! Easy to grow, adaptable, and one of our favourite Easy Houseplants.

ZZ Plant : This plant adapts to varying light conditions and is easy to grow. Also recommended for Beginner Plant Parents.

Fiddle Leaf Fig : The trendiest plant with the prettiest leaves! Learn more about growing Fiddle Leaf Fig here.

Monstera : This plant is an icon! Large leaves develop fenestrations (holes) as they grow. Give this plant room to grow, as it likes to get BIG!