Miracle Gro Succulent Plant Food 0.5-1-1 236mL

Do you give your low-maintenance, easy-to-care succulents a little of what’s good for them now and then? You should. Because even cacti, jade, and aloe need a bit of food and water here and there to keep them looking on point. Well, get pumped. Miracle-Gro® Succulent Plant Food is the easy way to keep your sun-loving succulents and cactus plump and colourful. Comes in a pump-style bottle, so it’s quick and easy to feed water-storing, sun-loving succulents as regularly as they deserve.

Pump this nourishing plant food directly onto soil of potted succulents or cactus or into a watering can with water, then water as usual. Mixes easily. Feeds instantly. Works best when used weekly. Finally, slow-growing succulents and cactus can have their turn at something fast.


  • For all cacti, jade, aloe, and other popular succulents
  • Ready to use for instant feeding
  • Recommended feeding every two weeks.