Ortho® Mosquito B Gon MAX Flying Insect Killer Area Spray 350g

When outdoor flies, mosquitos, black flies and gnats are annoying – and when aren’t they? – you need a fast fix. You need Ortho® Mosquito B Gon MAXTM Flying Insect Killer Area Spray. Provides fast fogging action that kills on contact. Easy to use, simply point the special fogging nozzle away from you in a slightly downward direction, then spray. Use in outdoor areas where bugs are a bother, including backyards, patios and decks. Provides longer control when sprayed just beyond the immediate area. Because it’s portable and ready to use, this spray is perfect for camping and backpacking, too.


  • Kills flies, mosquitos, black flies and gnats
  • Fast and easy to use around yards, decks, patios, campsites and surrounding bushes and grass
  • Special fogging nozzle delivers fine spray coverage up to 6 m (19.7 ft)
  • Portable, convenient mosquito killer
  • 350g pressurized outdoor insecticide fogger