Paramount Trevor Corner Electric Fireplace Stove – Online Exclusive

Fill those awkward corner spaces with both heat and sophistication with the Trevor Corner Electric Stove. Its unique design fits in any 90-degree corner to provide both ambiance and function. In addition, this freestanding stove puts out 1500 watts of heat to cozily warm a 400 sq ft room. The 3D patented technology displays dancing, realistic-looking flames behind the affixed firelogs. You can operate the flames with or without heat to provide a warm ambiance without adding extra warmth to the room. Weighing 34 lbs, you can easily put it away in the summer or leave it in place year-round.


  • 5000 BTU / 1500 Watts
  • Freestanding Unit
  • Black
  • 1500 Watts and 2 heat options
  • 3D Patented flame effects to simulate real flames
  • Includes built-in safety shut off technology


Dimensions:  18.11″W x 12″D x 25.28″H / 27.8lbs

Warranty:  1 Year Limited Warranty