Philodendron ‘Pink Princess’

Philodendron ‘Pink Princess’ is a popular, relatively rare houseplant with uniquely variegated leaves in shades of dark green, burgundy, bright pink, and white. This beautiful plant is fairly easy to grow, and will prefer to have room to grow upward with it’s thick, vining habit. Consider growing on a coco support stake for sturdy support and humidity.

As with most Philodendron, ‘Pink Princess’ will grow best in a warm room with bright, indirect light. Avoid full sun exposure, as this often results in browning or crisping of the narrow leaf tips and edges. A lack of enough light will result in darker colour, and possible loss of pink variegation.

Make sure to plant Philodendron in a free draining potting mix that doesn’t sit wet for long. Water to saturate the soil, allowing all excess to drain, and then wait until the soil has dried before watering again.

This plant is part of our Collector’s Corner collection of rare plants, sold in a 4″ pot.


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