Ranunculus (4″ pot)

Nothing says Spring like colourful Ranunculus! These cheerful spring flowers can be used as a potted plant indoors, or outdoors in the garden or porch planter. To grow, provide regular water (keeping the soil moist, but not soaking wet). Plant in sun or part sun. Protect from freezing temperatures and frost.

Ranunculus thrive in cool temperatures, making them ideal for adding colour in the Spring season. The heat of summer will cause Ranunculus to go dormant. Leaves will yellow and the plant will die back, restoring energy to the corms, like a spring bulb. Corms are not winter-hardy, so Ranunculus are best enjoyed as a seasonal annual flower.


Flower Season


Light Exposure

full sun

Mature Size


Pollinator Friendly



2 - 3 times weekly