Root Farm Part 2 All-Purpose Nutrient 2-3-7 473 mL

If you’re not sure what to feed your hydroponic plants, here’s the simple solution: Root FarmTM Part 2 All-Purpose Nutrient 2-3-7. This concentrated nutrient supplement is versatile enough to feed all types of plants – at all stages of the growing cycle. Herbs? Yep. Lettuce? Of course. Kale and other leafy greens? Those, too. This all-purpose nutrient provides key nutrients for a wide variety of plants. Plus, it mixes easily with water and works with soil-less growing media, too. For best results, use with Root FarmTM Part 1 Base Nutrient 4-0-1.


  • Liquid nutrient supplement that feeds all types of plants
  • Specially formulated for hydroponic growing and soil-less growing
  • Grows hydroponic leafy greens and herbs at any stage of the plant growth cycle
  • Use with Root FarmTM Part 1 Base Nutrient 4-0-1
  • 473 mL (16 oz)