Root Farm PH Balance Test Kit 30ml

Not too high, not too low, but just right. That’s how hydroponic plants want their nutrients. Root FarmTM pH Test Kit lets you measure the pH level in your nutrient solution so you can get the balance just right. The right pH means your plants have reliable liquid nutrients available to them – just what they need to grow fast, strong, and healthy. This liquid test kit features a colour indicator that lets you quickly and accurately measure acidity and alkalinity. And because it’s super concentrated, you only need 3 to 5 drops per test. Easy. Fast. Economical.


  • Measures pH from 4.0 to 8.5
  • Lets you know when liquid nutrients need balancing
  • Helps ensure proper absorption of nutrients by hydroponic plants for vigorous plant growth
  • Includes 30 mL (1 fl oz) of super-concentrated test indicator liquid, colour-indicating label, and test vial