Ventura Aluminum Patio Gazebo

Improve your outdoor living space with the 4 seasons Ventura sun shelter. It provides a shaded space to relax by the pool during hot summer days as well as a haven for friends and family to gather for a dining experience. It is at the forefront of the new wave outdoor living experience with its durable galvanized steel roof and high quality powder coated aluminum frame. It includes one set of mosquito netting made of PVC-coated polyester mesh, which is extremely durable and reduces wind and sun exposure. The Ventura will provide years of protection from the elements. The Ventura’s frame is a high quality aluminum structure; the roof is made of high quality galvanized steel, which completely blocks the sun; there is a two-track system to receive the nylon mosquito net which is included. No need to store the roof away for the winter, it’s built to withstand all types of weather, excessive snowfall should be removed; Eight solidifying bars are added on each corner for better stability and sturdiness.

Space to Relax: A shaded space to relax by the pool as well as a haven for friends and family to gather
Protective Coating: Akzo Nobel’s Powder Coating provides maximum scratch and corrosion resistance
Reinforced Construction: Frame features an extruded aluminum design that produces enhanced durability.
Durable Roof: The galvanized steel panels provide maximum protection from the elements.
Pest Control: Nylon netting prevents mosquitos and other insects from entering the gazebo.
Assembly: Inherently a lightweight material, the strong aluminum frame makes set up quick and
Illustrated Instruction: Assembly made quick with easy-to-follow instructions
Nylon Screen Panels: Included
Warranty: One Year
Side Curtains: Available