Viagrow Drying Net

Pro-Yard Hydro Hanging drying nets are ideal for drying and curing harvested plants and buds. Simply remove from the compact carrying bag, unfold the three sections, attach the three sections with the handy snap clips, and 6 tiers x 3′ Wide x 6′ Tall of drying space is available without the need of special shelving or cabinets. Our space-saving dryer is built to last with high tensile wire frames supporting breathable nylon mesh trays. Drying is achieved naturally and evenly to avoid spoilage due to high humidity or fungal pathogens. The built-in mesh walls prevent spillage of your harvest. Circular design lends complete access all tiers. Easily hung Anywhere with the sewn-in straps and Velcro loop enclosure. Simply unclip bottom tier/soft if less drying space is required. Folds away in seconds.

Features :

  • Detachable for 2-layer, 4-layer or 6-layer
  • Assembles and takes down in seconds
  • Rugged nylon mesh & high tensile steel construction
  • Space-saving design & 15cm spacing between tiers for maximum access to your harvest
  • 90cm Diameter