Yucca Canes (10″ Square Pot)

Yucca elephantipes is an old-fashioned houseplant that’s just as common now as it was a generation ago. Also called Yucca Cane, it is wonderfully easy to grow and an excellent choice if you’re just starting out with houseplants. It shows off clusters of rich green sword-like leaves on thick, woody trunks. The upright habit and spiky texture make it a fantastic complement to other traditional houseplants such as dieffenbachia and palms.

Over time, yucca cane develops into a bold tree that can reach several feet tall, making it a dramatic houseplant to add life and color to a blank wall, empty corners of a room, or act as a bold architectural accent.

Yucca cane prefers a spot with bright or medium light, but tolerates low-light conditions well. In low light, it grows more slowly and requires less frequent watering. Water Yucca Cane when the top 1/3 of the soil has dried.

2 Yucca Canes in a 10″ square, black plastic pot. Tallest cane is approximately 36″ tall. Not recommended for homes with plant-curious pets.