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Garden Supplies

Whether you’re starting a new garden or taking care of your current one, you need gardening tools. Starting with your green thumb (or if brown, don’t worry – we’ll help) and some gardening gloves, head into one of TERRA’s five locations of garden stores near me and get your garden supplies.

Ensure you look for a garden centre near me that carries only high-quality gardening tools. The main benefit of choosing a greenhouse is the high-quality products offered. Your tools will get an immense amount of use, and they are not used lightly as you dig, prune, cut and mulch. Durability is incredibly important for your safety while using the tools.

Garden tool companies have spent years perfecting the size and weight of their garden supplies, so make sure to choose one that is light enough to not wear you out, but is still heavy enough that it will be useful.

TERRA carries the best brands and garden supplies, including:

  • Aerators
  • Rakes
  • Tree pruners
  • Cultivators
  • Cutting tools
  • Trowels
  • Shovels
  • Edgers
  • Loppers
  • Shears
Once you have selected the perfect gardening tools for you and your garden, the next step to a healthy garden and a happy experience is to keep your tools clean. Clean tools last much longer and will prolong your investment.

Here are the best tips provided by our gardening experts for keeping your garden tools clean:

• Always wash soil and other grime off right after use with a spray hose or another steady stream of water.
• Wipe off any lingering water and then apply oil to any metal tools to prevent them from rusting.
• Remove any rust from the tools using a wire brush.
• Sharpen each cutting tool for maximum efficiency.
• Grind out any battered tools, returning them to their intended shape.
• Store each tool in a safe place and give each tool its own space.
• Hang them up to prolong their life.

At TERRA Greenhouses, we provide all of the basic gardening tools for all your gardening needs. When you come to purchase your plants and trees on your next garden store adventure, be sure to pick up the appropriate tools, too!

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