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Ponds and Fountains

Pond fountains are another great indoor or outdoor accessory that brings life to a space. A few types of gardening outdoor or indoor fountains include spout fountains, wall fountains, and cascading fountains. For use in a smaller space, you can also go with a pondless fountain. The type of fountain you select will determine the flow of the water and the type of irrigation system required. Of course, you can speak to one of our garden experts or design specialists to help you choose the right type of pond fountain for your space.

A pond is a great way to improve the look of your outdoor space, utilize an area that might otherwise be neglected, and boost the relaxation factor of the space. Pond fountains create a conversation piece, as well as offer the relaxing sound of flowing water right outside your home.

An added benefit is that fountains also give small birds and animals that frequent your house a place to hang out, cool off, and drink water. A pond is the perfect place to house fish for an added beauty and a few fish that do well in outdoor backyard ponds in Ontario are Koi carps, Rosette, Sunfish, and Sturgeon..

You should consider adding a few pond plants to your pond to help with the upkeep and further beautify the space. Plants will filter out phosphate nutrients and excess nitrate, therefore, keeping your pond free of algae. They also work to produce oxygen and provide shade, further improving the continued maintenance of your pond by keeping it free of algae growth and other unwanted pests.

A few of the most popular pond plants are:

  • Common Waterweed
  • Japanese Iris
  • Albatross Water Lily
  • Water Soldier
  • Marsh Marigold
  • Water Hyacinth
  • Spike Rush
  • Sweet Flag
Consider the edging of the pond as well. Rocks are best, but other hardscaping can be used as well.

Another option is indoor fountains – bring the relaxing sound of flowing water inside your home! Indoor water gardens not only help bring some of the beauty of nature inside, but they also help cool the home during warmer months and add humidity to the home in the cold months.

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