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Patio Planters

Got a small space and want to liven it up with colour and beauty? Patio planters are the next best thing to planting directly in the ground. TERRA offers a wide selection of small and large planters that will look amazing on your deck, balcony or patio. If you are searching for the best in spring planters, we’ve got your needs covered.

You do have the option of taking your outdoor planters and placing the plant directly into the soil or you can choose to foster a potted plant. The act of fostering plants is commonly known as container gardening and is using plant pots to house your flowers and plants.

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The best benefit to decorating with large planters is the versatility they offer. Patio planters can easily be moved, changed or planted if you so desire. If you don’t have access to a traditional plot of land, outdoor planters allow you to grow a variety of plants anyway. Plant pots easily, and safely, control those plants that would otherwise be space invaders – such as bamboo and mints. At the end of the season, you can simply move your patio planters inside and keep your plants growing over the cold winter months. If you need to change residence, you can take your planter with you, which is why they are a great option for renters or those looking to add move able landscaping to a home they are selling. Popular container materials include plastic, metal, clay, ceramic, stone, and concrete.

Planter options are particularly desirable for those who would love to have a garden but don’t have much time to tend to one. Due to the small surface area of their new home, it is highly unlikely that they will become overridden with weeds for you to pull. Maintenance of potted plants also eliminates the need for heavy gardening tools.

Tips for keeping your potted plants happy and healthy:

• Ensure that you choose the right planter for your plant. Most plants require planters that have drainage so they don’t flood during heavy rain or overwatering. TERRA’s garden specialists can help you choose the right patio planter for your space.
• Use the right type of potting mix for the plant can greatly impact your plant success... Ask the specialists at TERRA to help you choose the right soil for each plant.
• Choose a plant based on the location of your planter in your outdoor space. If it is sun-filled all day, you want a sun-loving plant. Shade tolerant plants will do well if your balcony or porch doesn’t get much sun.
• Water your potted plants regularly. Because they don’t have the benefit of being in the ground, where the soil is often moist, planters need you to water them regularly. Don’t rely on the rain to do this job completely.

Outdoor planters are a great option either alone or within a planted garden. Talk to one of design specialists to find out how you can incorporate planters in your garden.

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