Surefire Shrubs for Colour All Summer

Summer is a time to kick back and relax a little. The kids are out of school, the pace slows down, and as the heat rises through July, the desire to do much hard work in the garden starts to wane. This is the season where all of the planning and planting of spring begins to offer rewards, as the perennials and shrubs burst into bright colour. Make this low-maintenance dream come true in your own landscape by planting some of the longest-blooming, easiest-to-grow shrubs right now.

Pretty Panicle Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are the most popular flowering shrub on the market today, and with a huge range of shapes, colours, sizes, and types, it’s easy to see the appeal. Hydrangea paniculata, or Panicle Hydrangeas, are the toughest of the bunch. Try using dwarf types like the new Little Lime Punch, or improved classic favourites like Limelight Prime from Proven Winners.

The New Spireas

Spirea isn’t what it used to be! These super-tough flowering shrubs have long been the staple of drive-thru gardens and mall parking lots because of their tolerance of high heat and poor soils. Now, these workhorse plants have gotten an upgrade with a new line of brighter colours that repeat-bloom all summer long. Meet the Double Play Spirea series!

Winning with Weigela

Weigela start bursting into bloom in mid-June, and they steal the show through the early part of the summer with their unique tubular flowers. They attract butterflies and hummingbirds, have fabulous foliage, and are generally worry-free. Even better, the newest varieties of Weigela now bloom a second time, later in the summer, for double the flowers in a single season.

The New Ninebarks

Ninebarks are a native species to North America, and their hybrids are useful in many landscape settings! With glossy, textured leaves in dark burgundies, bright ginger tones, or even lime green, these shrubs add amazing colour to the garden even when they’re not in bloom. Try dwarf types like Tiny Wine for borders, or make a big statement with the arching branches of Summer Wine.

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