KIDS Mini Table Top Xmas TREE Workshop Dec 14 @ 1pm-2pm

Kids are welcome to join in this fun paint a tree workshop. This 5" jubilant tree stands on a table top perfect for children's bedrooms or as a personalized centerpiece in the home! Kids can choose their own colours! All workshop tools are supplied. Paint friendly cloths are recommended. [gravityform…
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Terra’s Wellness Weekend 2020

[row v_align="middle"] [col span="2" span__sm="12" align="center"] [/col] [col span="8" span__sm="12"] [ux_image id="23329"] [/col] [col span="2" span__sm="12" align="center"] [/col] [/row] January 11 & 12, 2020 - 10 am — 3 pm At Our Terra Waterdown Location Only [gap height="60px"] [row] [col span="6" span__sm="12"] [ux_image id="23340"] [button text="Wellness Workshops" letter_case="lowercase" size="larger" expand="true"…
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Christmas Outdoor Décor

[row] [col span="8" span__sm="12"] Christmas Outdoor Décor [/col] [col span="4" span__sm="12" divider="0" padding="20px 20px 20px 20px" align="center" bg_color="#342987" color="light"] [ux_image id="22792" image_size="original" width="8"] Christmas Events & Workshops For Kids & Adults [button text="Sign Up Now" color="secondary" icon="icon-angle-right" icon_reveal="true" link="/events/"] [/col] [/row] [row class="christmas-2019-bucket"] [col span="3" span__sm="12" align="center"] [ux_image id="23417" animate="blurIn"]…
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