January 12th – March 30th 2018

  1. Name
    The official name of the market will be TERRA’s Winter Market (hereafter called TWM).
  2. Purpose
    The purpose of this document is to describe the organization and administration of TERRA’s Winter Market, and to outline the rules and regulations to be followed.
  3. Mission
    The TWM will sell and promote locally produced food and food products for the benefit of the community, local farmers and businesses.
  4. Vision
    The TWM will be a vibrant and economically sustainable market offering fresh, locally grown, produced food and artisan products.
  5. Key objectives of the market
    1. To create a place where local farmers and artisans can sell their produce, food and products at prices which reflect the costs of production and a fair return for their efforts.
    2. To create a place where residents of, and visitors to TERRA can purchase fresh, locally grown, produced foods and artisan products.
    3. To create a place where the community gathers to socialize and have fun.
  6. Market location, dates and hours
    Milton: 12800 Britannia Rd. Milton, ON L0R 1P0
    Hamilton: 340 Highway 20 R.R. #1, Hamilton, ON L0R 1P0
    The TWM will operate on Saturdays in Milton/Hamilton from 10am to 3pm. Vendors are responsible to arrive at 9am to set up. The market will run for a eleven‐week period January 18th to March 28th 2020
  7. Application and selection process
    Participation in the TWM is by acceptance by the TERRA’S Winter Market Selection Committee (TWMSC). Producers may sell additional produce grown by a relative, a neighbour farmer or an approved association. All vendors must have an application form on file with the TWM to be considered for space rental. All products being sold in the Market will comply with applicable Provincial and Federal regulations regarding labeling, measuring, safety etc. Compliance with these regulations is the responsibility of the individual vendor. Live animals cannot be sold or given away at the Market. The TWMSC reserves the right to accept or deny any application regardless of prior year’s participation.
  8. Membership dues and stall rental fee
    All vendors pay an administration fee of $20.00 annually. The market stall rental fee for 11 Saturdays is $580 without electricity or $700 with electricity for the full season. Please note for the 2020 season, we are NOT offering the option to do half season.
  9. Stall allocation
    The TWMSC shall allocate vendor space as follows:

    1. The final stall allocation will include an appropriate product mix and will be at the discretion of the TWMSC.
  10. Vendor responsibilities

    Vendors must fully comply with the Rules and Regulations as set out in this document. Failure to do so may be grounds for termination of the Vendor Agreement and membership.

    Vendors may enter the TWM site at 9:00am and no later than 9:30am on market day to start setting up. Vendors who arrive late (past 9:30 a.m.) will be fined $25. Vendors who arrive after 9:30am will not be allowed to park or unload at their site. Vendors shall be open for business by 10:00am and shall make every effort to notify the TWMSC as soon as possible if they are not going to be in attendance that week. Vendors must keep their booths/stalls/tables open for the entire Market Day; even if they sell out they are not to begin to tear down before 3:00pm. Vendors who depart early from the TWM (before 3:00 p.m.) will be fined $25. Vendors must have their vehicles packed and their stall areas swept clean by 4pm.

    If a vendor is absent more than 2 consecutive market days it is the TWMSC’s discretion to terminate the vendors approval to attend the TWM. If a vendor approval is terminated the TWM payment will not be refunded for any missed or outstanding days.

    Payment of Fees
    All applicable fees must be paid prior to setup.

    Vendors must endeavour to bring enough products to last for the entire day. Exceptions may be made for reasons of product supply beyond control of the vendor, e.g. produce in season. All vendors must remove their belongings after every Market day.

    Product selection
    The Market application and page two of the Farmers’ Market Vendor Information Form (types of food) must have a corresponding detailed list of products intended to be sold throughout the entire duration of the market. Products may not be added during the time of the market. Vendors wishing to offer product sampling at the market must declare such on their application and receive appropriate approval from TERRA and Hamilton Health. Vendors are permitted to discontinue sampling during the market but are not permitted to add additional sampling of their product list without approval of TERRA and Halton/Hamilton Health.

    Vendors are responsible for providing all display materials (displays, chairs etc) and setting up and tearing down any displays. Vendors must keep within appointed stall guidelines, not interfering with walkways. Every vendor participating in the market must have their name/business/contact information prominently displayed.

    Conducting Business
    Vendors must remain in their own booth/stalls when selling. Sales must be conducted in an orderly and business‐like way. No shouting or other objectionable means of soliciting trade are permitted.

    Vendor conduct
    Any person/vendor may be removed from the TWM if the conduct of said person/vendor is deemed threatening or where the conduct of that person disrupts or interferes with the use and enjoyment of the Market by any other person. Examples of prohibited behavior include the following: inappropriate or foul language, insults, disparaging comments, interfering with market operations, and behaving in an overtly aggressive manner (such as yelling and arguing). It is under the discretion/opinion of the TWMSC whether a person/vendor violates this policy at which time the TWMSC has the right to revoke the person/vendor’s right to attend the TWM. The TWMSC is not liable for any damages, whether direct or consequential, resulting from the revocation of vendor approval.

    Vendors are responsible for obtaining all necessary licenses, permits, inspections and certificates for the sale of their products.

    Booth/stalls/tables must be kept free from refuse during the Market days, and vendors are responsible for ensuring their stalls are left clean and swept at the end of the day. Vendors must take all refuse bags with them at the end of the day.

    No alcoholic beverages are permitted on the Market site. Vendors and their representatives are kindly requested to refrain from smoking while on the TWM site.

    Under no circumstances will the TWM permit the subletting of stall space without explicit written consent of the TWMSC.

    Insurance coverage is the responsibility of the individual vendor.  TWM bears no responsibility for any vendor’s property at the market.  Vendors must provide proof of minimum $2 Million liability insurance.

  11. Incidents/accidents
    All market vendors must report any incidents, accidents, or theft at the market to TWMSC on the day the incident occurred. TERRA Greenhouses is not responsible for loss or theft of vendors’ personal property. Please do not leave valuables unattended during and outside market hours. 
  12. Amendments to this document
    This document may be amended at any time at the discretion of the TWMSC.
  13. If the market were to be shut down for any reason including but not limited to weather issues, facilitates issues, regulatory issues made by the city of Hamilton, Town of Milton, Halton Region or Halton Health or any other reasons, TERRA is not liable for any damages, whether direct or consequential, resulting from the revocation of vendor approval or termination of the market.