Rules and Regulations – Weiner Dog Race 2018


Checking in and racing assignment.

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your chosen race time to check in at the main dog stage. The event MC will invite all participants to check in at this time and will provide simple check in instructions.
The dogs will be split into groups of up to 6 dogs.
At that time you will be notified which racing heat you will be in.
Ideally bring your dog’s favorite treats or a toy to encourage them to run!
The race will be roughly 50’ in distance.


Rules of the race

You need two handlers, a ‘holder’ and a ‘caller’.
Both the ‘holder’ and the ‘caller’ will go to the start line with your dog.
The ‘holder’ will stay with your dog and the ‘caller’ will begin to excite the dog. When the MC prompts the ‘callers’ they will run to the finish line of the race track and call the dogs.
When the MC says GO, the ‘caller’ will continue to call the dogs and the ‘holder’ will then let go.
First dog to cross the finish line wins their heat. The winner of each race stays around and will run a final race against the other winners of that time slot.


Waiver and Release of Liability

I understand that by participating in Dog and Puppy Parade Wiener Dog Race at TERRA Greenhouses, this involves an element of risk that could result in injury to my pet and I. I waive and release TERRA Greenhouses and its event partners from responsibility, jointly or individually, including but not limited to personal injury to my pet and I.