Your Fall Lawn Care Guide

A thicker, healthier lawn next spring begins in Fall! With a few simple steps, you can enjoy a better, greener lawn in as little as 2 weeks. Best of all? Giving your lawn the attention it needs now will help it to to build strong, deep roots to protect it through the winter. This means your grass can return stronger and more resilient next spring.

Repair Lawn Damage with EZ Seed

Summer can be rough on a lawn. Dead areas can be left behind by temporary furniture or items like kiddie pools or sandboxes. Damage is often caused by high traffic, drought, grubs or pets. Patch repair products like EZ Seed Patch Repair or Lawn Response 9-1-1 make repairing easy. They combine seed, mulch and fertilizer together for a quick and easy application to weak or damaged areas. These products are easy to apply, and make a big difference in your lawn’s appearance!

To make sure overseeding is successful, seeds need to make contact with the soil. Give the lawn a thorough raking to remove dead material, and expose the soil surface. If the soil is heavily compacted or very sandy, add a layer of lawn soil. Then, you’re ready to seed!

Fall Is The Best Time To Seed

Overseed the lawn in Fall for new growth

Why apply seed in the Fall? With warm soil and more reliable rainfall, seeds can germinate more quickly and easily than at any other time of year! To keep your lawn thick and lush, try to “overseed” yearly. (Overseeding is applying seed to an existing lawn.) Filling in weak or bare spots with grass seed helps to ensure that that space isn’t taken up by weeds instead. Use a good quality turf seed blend that’s suited to the conditions of your yard, and apply with a spreader.

Keep new seeds moist

New seeds need to be kept moist at all times in order to germinate. The rainfall of the season can be helpful with this and reduces your water use! On dry or sunny days, water the lawn lightly in the morning each day until you can see new grass growing.

Feed In Fall For A Greener Spring

Feed the lawn in fall

Scotts® Turf Builder® Fall Lawn Food is formulated to deliver the nutrients lawns need in the fall to repair damage from the heat, drought, and activity from the summer. It also helps to build strong, deep roots to protect your lawn through the winter, which helps it to return stronger next spring. Apply lawn food with a spreader for even, easy application.

mowing the lawn in fall

That’s right, leave those leaves! Use a mulching setting on your mower, and chop fallen leaves into dime-sized pieces on the lawn. This leaf mulch breaks down through the late fall and winter. This improves the soil and returns nutrients to the lawn. It’s much easier than raking and bagging, too!






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