Outdoor Living Spaces: Extending Your Outdoor Season

Outdoor Living Spaces
There’s no need to rush inside once the season turns from summer to fall. Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons with the brilliant colors of fall leaves and fall foliage to enjoy. Stay outside in the crisp fall air and extend your outdoor season with the right patio…
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Caring for Indoor Fountains

Indoor Fountain
One of today’s hottest décor trends is using fountains to bring the beauty of the outside into your home. Fountains give your home a modern look and create a soothing atmosphere with the calming sound of moving water. In addition to looking great, fountains provide humidity in the cold, dry…
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The Language of Tropical Flowers

Tropical blooms delight the senses and bring a colourful burst of energy to any outdoor space. Gardens that feature tropicals have a lushness and beauty that homeowners can enjoy all summer long, and well into the colder months when they move them inside the home. The most popular types of…
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Blooms All Year: A Perennial Garden for Every Season

Having a beautiful garden all year is possible with the right planning. You can enjoy colourful flowers and greenery year-round, even in the winter months when you select perennials that look great. When selecting which perennials to plant in your yard and garden, look for those that will bring colour…
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Easy Patio Décor

New patio accessories are a quick and easy way to give your backyard or garden a fresh, new look. A few pieces can make all the difference in creating a space that you love to spend time in, whether its relaxing with a book or entertaining friends. The right accessories…
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