Best Indoor House Plants for Low Light Rooms

Indoor House Plants
Bringing nature inside your house has many benefits from improving your mood and energy levels, to adding colour to a space. However, finding the right place for your indoor house plants can be a challenge. Just like when outdoors, plants need to be in the right conditions to thrive. Some…
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By November 15th, 2018

Tips for Your Christmas Cactus Hanging Basket

Christmas Cactus
‘Tis the season for holiday plants. Whether it’s a real Christmas tree, a fresh wreath, a blossoming poinsettia, or a flowering plant, there are so many types of festive plants to enjoy throughout the holiday season. This year, make your Christmas decor more unique and more special than ever by…
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By November 11th, 2018

Do I Need Organic Garden Soil?

Organic Garden Soil
If you want a gorgeous garden area with vibrant flowers and thick foliage, you must choose the right garden soil. The right soil provides all the necessary and vital nutrients and minerals your plants need to grow and thrive in your home. And while there are several choices of garden…
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By October 17th, 2018

How to Create Stunning Fall Patio Planters

Patio Planters
Despite the cooler weather, you can keep your yard and patio areas beautiful and eye-catching well into the autumn season. Fall patio planters are an excellent way to add a festive, seasonal touch to your landscaping. Here are several patio planters ideas to help you create fall containers that you’ll…
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By October 12th, 2018

How to Avoid Overwatering Your Perennial Plants

Overwatering Perennial plants
Whether you are an expert gardener or just beginning to get your hands dirty, it is possible to create a lush and beautiful garden area that all of your friends’ envy. Perennial plants are long-living plants that offer plenty of colour, texture, and design to any outdoor area. Many homeowners…
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By October 4th, 2018
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